Fastest to Market

Reliable and Predictable

Supplying the suppliers since 1979

Top brands trust Rostar to manufacture their filters because they can rely on our unwavering predictability.

Fuel Filters


Top of the Line & Across the Board

Rostar has full manufacturing capabilities for all types of automotive filters.  Cabin filters are our signature offering. We also supply air, fuel, diesel and oil filters. We produce and deliver in bulk or in small quantities, unbranded or branded to your specifications. Need breathers, drain plugs, or gaskets? We've got you covered.


No One Does Agility Like Rostar

When it comes to manufacturing filters, our unique automated production line gives Rostar a level of flexibility not found anywhere else in the U.S.

From industrial equipment to proprietary medical tech, if there's a filtering solution you require, Rostar can make it.

Rostar Since 1979

Supplying the Suppliers

You may not have heard of us, but neither have your customers. Rostar makes filters for the filter makers and distributors. We operate behind the scenes, helping your brand grow, not ours.

With the flexibility to supply any filter type and design, we complete your line. Rostar helps keep your customers happy because we make the filters you don’t want to make, cannot make, have prohibitively high tooling costs, have volumes too low on which to waste your precious production capacity, or items at the end of life that you don’t want to make any longer. Rostar alleviates the headaches that stem from these manufacturing challenges.

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Rostar Filters

Rostar is the U.S. aftermarket’s largest independent cabin filter manufacturer. We supply a combination of direct import and domestic-supplied filters to keep our customers price competitive, up-to-date, and flexible enough to handle the normal swells of a living, breathing inventory.

We manufacture and supply cabin filters, air filters, diesel and gasoline filters, oil filters, drain plugs and gaskets in the U.S., China and Taiwan.

Made in California