New Item Development Specialists

Our niche is developing new items quickly. Some are new applications entirely and others are items that are problematic for our customers. Customers often throw dozens of SKUs at us at a time, asking for our help to get them out of a jam. Sometimes an important customer of yours needs something you cannot do, needs it too fast, or needs items with such low volume that you simply cannot afford to make it.

We help with time to market. How long does it take your company to bring a new SKU to market? We often hear it takes ​other companies​ 12-18 months to develop a specialty filter. Rostar typically develops most air, liquid, and other types of filters in 3-5 months.

Your Partner. Not Your Competition.

On-Point Production

Your Specs and Branding

Made in the USA

As a Rostar customer you too can benefit from our on-point production capabilities. There is no "Rostar" filter brand. All of our products are created and branded according to customer specification, and we've had success helping several of our customers launch their own unique brand of premium Made In The USA filters.

Shortest Time to Market

Staying Relevant

Quality You Can Count On

Never Obsolete

As new models, designs, and technologies rapidly debut in the marketplace, Rostar clients enjoy efficient and fast accommodation for their market needs. We manufacture filters to order, likely much faster than you can.

Rostar Capabilities

  • Design and Product Development
  • Filter Performance Upgrade
  • Short Response Time
  • Various Packaging Options
  • Private Branding with Flexible MOQ's
  • Testing and Validation
  • Direct Import
  • Consignment Programs
  • Worldwide Supply

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Rostar Filters

Rostar is the U.S. aftermarket’s largest independent cabin filter manufacturer. We supply a combination of direct import and domestic-supplied filters to keep our customers price competitive, up-to-date, and flexible enough to handle the normal swells of a living, breathing inventory.

We manufacture and supply cabin filters, air filters, diesel and gasoline filters, oil filters, drain plugs and gaskets in the U.S., China and Taiwan.

Made in California