Commercial filters are the fastest growing segment of our business. We make cabin, air, all types of liquid filtration, and air dryers in a multitude of construction styles for virtually anything that requires filtration.

Rostar makes filters for commercial on and off-road applications including:

  • Light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty truck applications for US, European, and Asian commercial vehicles
  • Construction equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Power generators
  • Aircraft and locomotive applications
  • Medical devices
  • Marine vessels and systems
  • Hydraulic applications

We often hear it takes ​other companies​ 12-18 months to develop a specialty filter. Rostar typically develops most air, liquid, and other types of filters in 3-5 months.

We tool, test and validate (probably faster than you​r company​ can), and then we supply product on-demand from California or Asia.


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Rostar Filters

Rostar is the U.S. aftermarket’s largest independent cabin filter manufacturer. We supply a combination of direct import and domestic-supplied filters to keep our customers price competitive, up-to-date, and flexible enough to handle the normal swells of a living, breathing inventory.

We manufacture and supply cabin filters, air filters, diesel and gasoline filters, oil filters, drain plugs and gaskets in the U.S., China and Taiwan.

Made in California