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Rostar manufactures filters of all types in California, China and Taiwan. Yes, we actually make filters in southern California. When our shift is over we head to the beach as it’s 70-80 degrees here pretty much year-round.

Rostar Filters has been making filters since 1979 when we were founded as a manufacturer of breathers and PCV valves in Deer Park, NY. We are now headquartered in Oxnard, CA with business locations in Raleigh, NC, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. And while Rostar is still the largest manufacturer of breathers in North America, our business has evolved.

Today, we produce cabin filters, air filters, all types of liquid filters, and air dryers for automotive and commercial on and off road applications. Our typical clients include filter manufacturers, tier one suppliers, ​and ​large distributors.  Rostar does not have ​our​ own brand or any direct retail presence. Everything we sell has someone else’s name on it. This means that we supply to our customers without competing with them.

Rostar has a talented, diverse and world-class team that works collaboratively to provide the best customer ​experience in the industry.  Our team is fluent in Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and Mandarin. In addition, we know just enough German, Tamil, French and Esperanto to order a meal or possibly get ourselves into a bunch of trouble with local authorities due to a monumental misunderstanding.

Rostar Since 1979

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Rostar Filters

Rostar is the U.S. aftermarket’s largest independent cabin filter manufacturer. We supply a combination of direct import and domestic-supplied filters to keep our customers price competitive, up-to-date, and flexible enough to handle the normal swells of a living, breathing inventory.

We manufacture and supply cabin filters, air filters, diesel and gasoline filters, oil filters, drain plugs and gaskets in the U.S., China and Taiwan.

Made in California